Submission guidelines

FARAXA Publishing House was established with the aim of publishing literary and non-literary translations, while not excluding other genres of writing. Originally established in Malta and now expanding both internationally and in terms of genres published, FARAXA is presently accepting both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for publication consideration.

Unsolicited manuscript submissions with high quality writing are particularly welcome. Below are some of our guidelines and policies with regard to manuscript submissions, publication consideration and expectations.

Manuscript Submissions

Manuscripts submitted to FARAXA Publishing House for publication consideration should preferably be sent in the following format:

- Microsoft (MS) Word document (doc, docx, etc.).
- Font size for main text should be Garamond 12 or 11 (size 12 for smaller files, size 11 for larger files).
- Main text should be full justified.
- Single spacing between sentences should be used throughout the main text.
- Single return spacing between paragraphs should similarly be used throughout the text.

Editorial Policy

Upon submission to FARAXA Publishing, manuscripts will be reviewed according to the order in which they are received and a publication decision made. This decision will be communicated by email to the author/s. Turnaround time from submission to decision communication is generally no longer than twelve weeks.

Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication and contracts signed, FARAXA Publishing expects the author/s to work in collaboration with the various members of its publishing team, including editors and proofreaders, to ensure a smooth publication process. Metadata of published books will be registered with Books-in-Print/Global Books-in-Print, Ingram and Nielsen databases among others.

Books published in the United States will be registered with the Library of Congress and available globally through Amazon, in addition to our regular distribution system to brick-and-mortar stores, thus establishing a strong international presence for authors.

Books published in Malta will be registered with the National Library of Malta and similarly available through our regular distribution system.

Pre- and Post-Publication Policies

Given the nature of book publishing and marketing in the 21st century, FARAXA Publishing implements a hybrid model which incorporates both traditional and postmodern ways of marketing, in order to attain the effective use of both models. As such, it expects its adult authors to participate actively in the promotion of their books. Such participation includes both traditional ways of marketing by FARAXA Publishing itself as included in the contracts and postmodern/Web 3.0 ways of content marketing by both FARAXA Publishing and the authors.

Traditional ways of marketing include the availability of published books in brick-and-mortar stores, press releases, reviews and author interviews on television, radio and various newspapers. Postmodern/Web 3.0 ways of marketing include but are not limited to:

  1. The setting up, maintenance and growth of free personal-professional book blogs by the authors (with guidance from FARAXA Publishing as needed);
  2. An effective mainstream social media presence typified by the personal-professional author use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Amazon Author Central, Shelfari, Goodreads and others (as needed or preferred);
  3. Preview videos of the books for YouTube, television and other visual media channels (optional).

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further details on or through our contact page.