Il-Pupi tal-Karti
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Il-Pupi tal-Karti

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L-istorja sabiħa ssemmix ta'

tifla żgħira u l-ħames pupi

tagħha tal-karti.

Lina u Pina, Ġanni ta' Mananni, Ġorġ

b'żewġt imnieħer u Stella b'xagħarha nokkli

miżmum 'il fuq b'żigarella

'Jistagħna dejjem aktar kull darba li tħares lejh ...

ktieb donna ta' sħarijiet' (Sunday TImes)

'Tal-għaġeb ... b'disinja mill-isbaħ' (Guardian)


Il-Pupi tal-Karti is a stunning, lyrical story of childhood, memory and the power of imagination from Julia Donaldson, the author of The Gruffalo (Il-Grufflé, Faraxa Publishing), and Gruffalo's Child (Bint il-Grufflé, Faraxa Publishing).

A string of paper dolls go on a fantastical adventure through the house and out into the garden. They soon escape the clutches of the toy dinosaur and the snapping jaws of the oven-glove crocodile, but then a very real pair of scissors threatens . . .


A picture book that seems simple but gets richer every time you look at it . . . Cobb's illustrations capture the joy of childhood; between them, she and the Children's Laureate have made a book that works like magic. (Nicolette Jones The Sunday Times)

The Paper Dolls was picked as a top summer read in the Metro. The selectors included George Hanratty from Tales on Moon Lane bookshop and Katherine Woodfine from BookTrust. (

Rebecca Cobb's beautifully drawn and colourful illustrations are absolutely charming . . . I don't want to spoil the ending, but I can say that the inherent message of the story, that nothing is truly destroyed once it becomes a memory, left us both feeling surprisingly contented! (

Julia Donaldson
Translated by:
Rachelle Cortis and Toni Aquilina
Illustrated by:
Rebecca Cobb
Il-Pupi tal-Karti
Also available as an ebook

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