Bedtime life-lessons for new superheroes
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Bedtime Life Lessons for New Superheroes

Bedtime life-lessons for new superheroes

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This children's book is the 21st century bedtime anthem which has been carefully crafted to inspire new superheroes to design a life full of whimsical adventures, extraordinary success and magical days. Its rhyming soothing words and beautiful illustrations have a calming effect which helps associate the darkness of night-time with positive feelings of love, hope, and serenity - ingredients for the sweetest dreams.

Endorsed by accredited sleep coaches 'Bedtime life-lessons for new superheroes' brings a calm end to any child's day.


"This is a beautifully written book which includes all the hopes and dreams every parent has for their child." - Tara Hess, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and Happiest Baby on the Block Educator

"Positive, empowering, calming, inspiring! These four words sum up Aunty Sab's latest book. While reading, I felt a sense of safety and security allowing me to me reflect upon some important values in life – humility, kindness, truth, gratitude, prayer, patience, love, hard work, forgiveness, fun, positivity & believing in oneself. Using simple, age-appropriate language, Aunty Sab has managed to convey these values to kids inspiring them to be the best that they can be and do the best that they can do. This is a fantastic book to read to kids at bedtime as part of their bedtime routine. It is not only a book that emits love and security (a perfect state to start a good night), yet it's book that allows children to reflect on the beauty that they have within themselves as well as the potential that they have to embrace certain values and to do good" - Becky Gingell, Sleep Coach & Founder of Quiet Nights

"The author has penned down a most beautiful letter of love, affection, positive affirmations and aspirations for our children. An adorable bedtime story to say goodnight to our young superheroes in the most loving way" - Elisavet Arkolaki, Founder of MaltaMum

Aunty Sab
Translated by:
Illustrated by:
Naomi Gatt
Also available as an ebook

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