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Ritratti ta' Tfuliti
'Ritratti Ta' Tfuliti' by Reno Muscat. This book relates the story of a childhood, the persons who shaped it, the moments that built it, activities that adorned it. Firstly life is all centered around the family and home, then , the street, neighbours , the church, the village, Malta and its great events,...
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Dinjet il-Qattus / Catlore
The Maltese language edition of Desmond Morris's bestselling book Catlore, translated by Toni Aquilina, D. es L. About the Author The author, Desmond Morris, was educated at Birmingham and Oxford Universities. He was Curator of Mammals at the London Zoo in 1959, a post he held for eight years. In 1967,...
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Opri Popolari fil-Gzejjer Ma..
Operas are one of the most popular elements in the Western classical music tradition and in that of the former Soviet bloc. They are an art form which incorporates many of the components of spoken theatre such as acting, scenery and costumes, and even dance. Operas are generally produced in a theatre...
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