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Ċensinu u Van Gogh
Ċensinu u Van Gogh
Author:Doris Schembri
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Ċensinu u Van Gogh  by Doris Schembri, illustrations by Ryan Galea & Philip Taliana is for children six to ten years of age. This project was undertaken with the collaboration of the National Literacy Agency. Who is Ċensinu? Where is he? What number does he have on his shirt? Who is the tall gentleman with the red beard? Is Ċensinu dreaming? Follow Ċensinu's adventures and discover who is Vincent Van Gogh in this story.

Ċensinu u Van Gogh is available in paperback and as a Big Book.

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Censinu u Van Gogh
The cover and the inside illustrations immediately caught my eye not only because they were inspired by Van Gogh's original work but also because the production of the book (text and illustrations) is such a truly complete reflection of Van Gogh's work. The choice of simple vocabulary makes this work even more precious as this book is a smooth read even for children who might be struggling readers. The use of the simple rhyming scheme helps ease the flow of reading and nurture a love for both reading and the arts. It is indeed a well written book that leaves the inquisitive mind asking for more.
Annabel Desira
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