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Love Never Dies
Love Never Dies by Jennifer Spagnol and illustrations by Bernard Micallef and Jeanelle Zammit is for readers aged 9 years and upwards. Anne returns to her native island after 14 years living abroad. A...
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Far From Home
Far From Home by Kirsten Spiteri is a book aimed at Young Adults. Rob awakens in a cave in Buskett, frightened, with no memory of who he is or where he came from. Sensing that he is different, people he...
8,00 €
Justice of the Wild
Canned lion hunting is exposed in this thrilling, fast-moving adventure novel when six hungry lions escape from their camp in the Lion Park, near Johannesburg during a severe storm. Sixteen-year-old school...
14,00 €
The Wave
'The Wave' by Kirsten Spiteri is a Young Adult science fiction novel. It won 5 Honorable Mentions in the New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Paris Book Festival, in 2017. World War III...
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Escape by 17-year old, Maltese-New Yorker, Corrine Annette Zahra. Meet Tiffany and Minnie who have been living under the evil wrath of their Grandma Crooks and other relatives in a big, creepy house called...
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Strange Tales
Strange Tales (Combined Illustrated Ed.) is a collection of 29 horror stories, many of which are set in the Maltese Islands, and 49 illustrations. Ranging from Max the doll who ends up being a preternatural...
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The Legend of Amanda Robins
First things first, I shall tell you to beware! The day Amanda was born is an important day for she was sent to save human and magical kind on earth. The Legend of Amanda Robins is full of fantasy and...
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