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The Wave
The Wave
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'The Wave' by Kirsten Spiteri is a Young Adult science fiction novel. It won 5 Honorable Mentions in the New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Paris Book Festival, in 2017.

World War III has left the world as we know it unrecognizable. The United States and the European Union using nuclear and atomic weapons have destroyed most of the earth's surface, with just a few islands remaining. Survivors name this terrible period in history The Wave. Berk is a young man alone fighting for survival on an island when he is rescued and learns that the world that awaits him is vastly different than the one he knew before.

The society he faces makes Berk feel more imprisoned than safe. While there are no police, everyone around him is willing to spy on one another and report him to the The New World Order in exchange for a few privileges. Only Pirate, an older man who builds boats, sides with him and together they join forces to survive their altered universe.

'The Wave', reminiscent of Ray Bradbury's science fiction, brings to light a myriad of societal issues that provides great insight into the human condition and makes for thought-provoking discussion.

'The Wave' is available in paperback edition.

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An excellent read by a Maltese author.
An excellent read. I would definitely suggest it to anyone. It is very believable and would not be out of place in today's news. This novel will get you to thinking that world war III could happen. The author makes it sound so real and get you in thinking that you are right there. A novel of free writing and surely could restore anyone's faith in the pleasure of reading.
Monalisa Vella
It's a nice compelling story about a young man journey in a harsh environment. It's good that there are new fresh Maltese blood (author) trying to put their voice out there. It's something to look forward to. Well done!!!
Raul Antonio Pace
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